Workshop on Self Care this week

Return to Centre: A day of Self-Care and Self-Compassion
Saturday January 23rd, 2016, 9.30 – 5.15pm
1037 West Broadway, Vancouver, BC

Join self-compassion therapist, Sarah Jarvis, and biodynamic craniosacral therapist, Gilda Shannon, for a full day exploration of physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual self-care and nourishment.

RETURN TO CENTRE will provide you with the space, practice, and support to explore the resilience, brilliance, strength, and vitality that exist within each of us. By honouring and caring for ourselves first, we cultivate a way of being that brings greater joy, acceptance, and happiness to ourselves and to all those around us.

We will explore:

  • Self-compassion – what it is, and how to honour your deep emotions and arising needs.
  • Boundaries and power of your energetic body
  • Integration of body, heart, mind, and soul through an introduction to meditation, inner reflection, and nourishing embodied practices.